About Us

Zazz Engineering founded in 2008 has become the leader in engine room ventilation having produced thousands of custom applications worldwide

Zazz has become the source to solve engine room ventilation with our Patented MRC unit

Moisture Rejection Closure acts as a demister. But that’s not all — it also can be an ABS-compliant weather closure. The MRC’s Air-Foils open and close via remote actuator or manual pull cable.

There is nothing else like it in the industry

Our customers range from small tug boats operators to large vessels. We have become the go to for solving complex ventilation issues.

Whether it’s a repair to a failing system or a new design vessel we are known as the experts having solved many complex issues related to failing engine room ventilation systems. Our 12 years of history combined with our 50 years of experience has provided customers with an economical solution to engine room corrosion and life cycle and performance of engines.

Our 500 satisfied customers can attest that Zazz can and will solve you engine room ventilation problems.


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Gregory Newton

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George MacDonald

Greg Newton and George MacDonald and Rick Clemence conceived Zazz Engineering Inc. in 2008. Both experienced designers in the marine industry, They sought to create new and innovative products for ventilating machinery spaces.

Greg was a founder of Delta T Systems, where he spent twelve years as Vice President, Chief Engineer, and designer.

In the ten years before his work with Delta T, Greg owned and operated a consulting firm. He provided marine survey, engineering, and project management services.

George worked for Delta T Systems from 2005 to 2007 as sales manager of the Northeast region and government accounts.

George sold to the military, commercial and pleasure boat marine industries for over seventeen years. Before Delta T Systems, George owned Mac Seal Inc., a dripless shaft seal manufacturer. Mac Seal Inc. and George's patented shaft seal design sold to Duramax Marine in 1993.

Rick Clemence is an entrepreneur with a manufacturing background. His resume includes operating a $50 Million international corporation as well as securing a number of patents. The patented Moisture Rejection Closure was invented from his input on improving what was currently in the market place.

Rick has taken over the reins at Zazz with the untimely passing of Greg and George in 2017 and is personally working on the growth of Zazz focusing on sales growth through marketing and product line expansion.

While our base MRC units continue to win accolades in the marine industry we are now modernizing our fans and controls to meet the new digital and clean air requirements required in today’s hi-tech engine room and mechanical spaces.

We will continue to deliver innovative, durable machinery ventilation solutions at competitive prices.