Zazz adds two-stage, contrarotating FCR series to Axial Fan lineup

The new FCR series Axial Fans are the latest in ventilation from Zazz. This design is a two-stage, contrarotating configuration in which two motors work in tandem to produce ultra-high static pressures.


The introduction of this new series is primarily based on two factors: an increasing need for compact, high-pressure fans, and the need for redundant solutions, in case of a motor failure.
Many OSVs (Offshore Supply Vessels) have their intake combustion and exhaust air ports a long distance from the engine room, making it difficult to maintain high static pressures. By having two impellers in a contrarotating configuration, this allows for greater efficiency than two or three separate fans.


Redundancy is also a large factor for many vessels built today. Should a fan motor fail, many classifications require a second fan so that operation can continue immediately. By implementing a single two-stage fan like the Zazz FCR series, builders can save on valuable space and meet requirements for classifications.

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